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News Update from St John's College

Bula vinaka & greetings to you all!

It is certainly great to catch up with all the happenings within the circle of our families, relatives, and friends, throughout the world due to the committed efforts of regular correspondents, and likewise, the newcomers such as uncle D Tavo, Seletute, etc.

From Rugby to Netball! Well the great news is, our Senior Grade won the final in the Open Grade. Our girls beat Ratu Navula school, the champions from last year. Our other 2 grades Under 15 & 17 lost out in the Semis & Final respectively. This is another milestone for the school to come from the island and beat the big schools in Suva such as Adi Cakobau, Grammar, Cathedral, Ratu Navula, etc.

My mum Maliana couldn't believe it when I told her that I'm the Technical Advisor to the Netball Teams! Ki'i fakalaka si'i pe 'ia Saimone! Nonetheless, you can see from the photos the sheer joy and excitement of my girls as they know their hard-works have paid off.

A special mention is owed to the Ta'ais as they were very vocal in their cheers for our girls! But they were well paid of course! I can see the netball talents in 'Ana's girls but kept wondering who are they taking after, certainly not their Mum, oooops!! Looking at Lepeti's and her namesake's side, I doubt it. Then I remember the girls are taking after their aunties Visilia & Tita! Congratulations Tu'a'ofa for being selected to be in the Suva IDC Team!

Believe it or not, I played golf from Monday to Sunday on the first week of holiday!! What an awesome way to recreate and enjoy the break. I arrived back here at the school yesterday to do some repairs in preparation for Term 3 which begins next week. We will be glued to the TV this weekend as Mika Vueti, our Under 18 captain, who is in the Fiji secondary schools' team to play against the Aussie schools' U18 Team, in the curtain raiser before the Bledisloe Cup game in Brisbane.

That will be all for now. Take care and keep up the good works,

Patele 'Ekuasi

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