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Mele & Clare in Flanders

Famili, malo ho'omou lelei! As I am writing this, Mele & Clare are now in Cork (Ireland) hoping to trace down their Irish roots (a guy by the name of Rea came from there to NZ long time ago). They spent a week here with us in Flanders (Flemish part of Belgium). But I know you guys would rather see photos instead of reading my bla bla. So here are a few:

Clare, Mele and Kara in front of Louvain's central library. Louvain is Belgium's oldest and largest university, founded in 1425. Kara studied here years ago...and of course the camera man as well.

Kara showing off some of her favourite Flemish recipes - it's a typical Flemish vegetable called 'witloof' baked with cheese and ham. Mele and Clare seem to have liked it very much...or was it the red wine?

Clare, Kara and Mele pretending to bike fast! Of course, no one can visit Flanders without going for a bike ride, the national pastime here. We did 60 km while they were here - impressive...or was it what the French would say 'vive la jeunesse'!

Our two world travelers with Kara's mother, Emilie. Kara lost her dad sometime ago. This is where she grew up.

The three of them in front of Belgium's most famous tourist attraction called "Mannekin Pis". The little guy is said to have saved the city of Brussels from being burned down by the enemy by doing what he had to do.

Kara, Clare and Mele underneath Brussels' "Atomium", Brussels' answer to Paris' Eiffel Tower. It is immense!

Mele & Clare with their poor uncle at Brussel's most famous square "Grote Markt" at the very heart of the city.

I'll try to put up some more photos in our photo gallery. 'Ofa atu to you all and to Mele and Clare: "Bedankt!"

Uncle Tavo & Kara

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