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Here We Are

Aloha 2 One n All

This past week has been a very busy but blessed!!! All our church to'utupu (youths) from all 8 Hawaiian Islands gathered on the island of Oahu to fellowship through action songs, bible skits, and cultural dances.

My mom has been so busy 'fakafasing' and 'fakahakaing' all the faiva's for the youths and once again has outdone herself and done us all proud! She managed to bring the North Shore together from all the different denominations to join in with the Kahuku UMC's (the church we go to) during fellowship times! It has been a long month of preparation that the youths in our church always look forward to sharing with everybody on occasions like this!

It is just a great blessing to witness that our Tongan culture and traditions are still alive and well respected by the young people of today! It was a great day of fellowship and a lot of sunshine to go around! Stay blessed everyone!

Click here for more photos from our youth festival (you need a Facebook account to access these photos).

Ofa atu to everyone, Paame jr reporting from the Aloha State!

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