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More Success from St John's College Fiji

Greetings to you all families & friends! I hope you're well wherever you are.

The school continues to achieve some success even though we've finished all our extra curricular activities for the year. Last Saturday at USP there was a Computer Quiz competition for all the schools in Fiji. Well, believe it or not, St. John's College beat all the 45 Secondary schools to win the competition. Indeed another milestone for the school.

This win gives me a personal gratification as we invested $10,000 on our revamped website. Some criticized me for this but now it's paying off. The photo of our 2 students that won was in the local newspaper. The following day there were more photos from St. John's College on the newspaper! This time it was our Senior Prom Night 2010.

The story on the paper read: This is certainly a unique Prom Night! It started off with a hired bus to pick the girls from the Hostel. It's only about 5 mins walk to the Hall but we ensure that their high-heeled shoes and flashy dresses don't touch any dirt and dust on the road! The boys then picked their partners in random from a ballot box. They then are escorted through a bamboo-lit-walkway to the Dining Hall for their special dinner. After dinner the boys escorted back the girls to the Hall. There the Principal briefly highlighted the objectives of the Prom Night. After declaring the Prom Night 2010 open, the Principal then was honoured to open the dancing floor with a Waltz!! After that the night belongs to the students as they dance the night away until the Cindrella time 12 AM!

Sounds romantic alright eh! Well personally it's a fitting sent-off to our senior students as they have done very well so far throughout the year. But that's not all because 3 girls from our Champion Netball Team have been selected to be in the National Trials this Saturday in Suva.

Analena was laughing when she saw my photo in the newspaper! The Principal has to look professional too in such a special function.

That is all for now from Cawaci, Fiji,

Fr Ekuasi

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