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Talofa again - I was not that sick!

Admin, please don't exaggerate my health especially if I am sick because some are worried and called to ask how am I.... Well, a normal one which is easily looked after we can talk openly about it but the massive one I will keep it to myself otherwise someone might get a heart attack. But thanks for your love and care. Apart from that I just needed to rest. A well deserved week of rest which also give me time to visit you all on our little home. Now I am 100 percent fit especially after St George Dragon's win last night over the West Tigers.

Starting at midnight tonight, Samoa will change their time an hour faster (Day Light Savings or someone explain that to us please). So we have to adjust ourselves tomorrow to the new time especially with our masses. It means we have to wake up an hour earlier. I feel sorry for that village whose mass is at 7am, that is 6am in old time. I might start with the tauhi and his wife only. Bye and take care everyone. Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

'Ofa atu,

Fr 'Unaloto msc

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