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Talofa Lava Famili

It's almost a week from my trip to Fiji and am not feeling well since I arrived back. I guess not enough rest. Our meeting was so tight and I arrived here on saturday, running around preparing for Sunday. This week I am enjoying listening to some hiva kakala fakatonga I downloaded from Sione 'Atupuha at USP. Fr Lutoviko came and help me with my mass on Sunday and we had a few beers afterwards and enjoyed listening to the Feauini 'o e Sopu 'o Taufa and others.

I am relying on Patele's help with my mass on Sundays now. Luckily, there are three of them in their community with two others in their parish so he is making himself available to us. Mahino pe ki'i me'a ia 'a tau. Four villages I am looking after which means four masses every Sunday. At least someone can take one which is a big help.

Anyway, I have talked with my superior during our meeting in Fiji that I am finishing off this year and my new post is St. Agnes, Samabula, Fiji. A familiar place for me and am looking forward to that. Certainly I will miss Faleula and Samoa. Very generous people and respectful.

This is my first mission and it is very challenging and enriching but I think four years is enough. Compared to St Agnes, it is very different. The faith here compared to Tonga and Fiji 'oku fu'u kei mamaha 'aupito 'eni ia. They are more charismatic rather than comtemplative, medidation and prayer. It is very sad to see people neglecting mass. We need a lot of catechism. Manatu kita ki he ECL 'i Matahau, a good foundation. Koe lautohi fakasapate heni 'oku hange ia ha koniseti he hiva mo e tauolunga.

Meanwhile, it's a sad news for the two students who are staying with me. They have another year left which is next year. Unfortunately they have to look for a place to stay and manage their own such as food.

Ko e hiki atu ki Fisi he ta'ufoou kuo 'osi 'a 'Ana mo e famili pea sai aipe. when I was there I told them it's not good to go to Mcdonald, you will get sick. Better to fill up your freezer which can keep you going for a little while. 'Oku nau mei fakataha ma'u pe ai mo e kauleka 'a Sione Atupuha he 'aho kotoa.

Anyway, that is all for now and take care, 'ofa atu, and let's pray for one another,

'Unaloto msc

ps. Io Tavo malo ho'o 'eke mai e laptop 'oku kei tali pe kia Sitani ka kou tui 'oku pule pe foki e pule lahi pea kou 'osi 'ilo lelei 'e au 'a Jay (saipe 'oku 'ikai kene mahino'i e lea) 'oku mahalo 'oku 'eke bank statement ma'u pe ia he uike kotoa. Mahalo 'oku ngali pau ange 'a Kara ia.

'Io Sitani koe fika 'o Vakaola koe 679 9055690.

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