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Happy Birthday to Uncle Poini

Dear Uncle Poini

I still remember you as an ECL teacher in the 70s teaching us in the old classroom (now part of the hall) that the greatest thing a man can steal is not money but time. ( say that to Matahau!)

I still remember you (stil working at Gov't Printing Dept) on one Saturday giving me your clothes for washing and I found some money in your shirt's pocket, giving it back to you (very honest nephew) and you gave some back to me. I still remember you pulling up Tevita mei he sima vai he'ene to ai. Tapale pe moe fusi hake. And Tavo too 'i he'ene fo'i taupe he fu'u kalosipani pea to ai. Pekalae pe moe fusi hake.

And I still very much remember your fondness to go and watch cowboy movies in Nukunuku on Saturday evening. On one SAturday the movie was "The Good, the Bad and th eUgly." I asked to go and you refused. ONly when Mum ask and you relent.

Uncle Alekisio Laupoini, you are not the good, the bad and the ugly. YOU ARE THE BEST!


'Oku ou 'ofa atu 'aupito. Ko ho'o misa pe teu momoi atu.

First Nephew pea mou longosi kotoa.


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