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Old Photos of Matahau but Who Are They

Hello faithful readers. Thanks to our top man in Matahau, Hiko jr, we can show you 4 photos of Matahau from the olden days. And thanks to Analena, we now know the people in Photo 1 (unless she's made a mistake). We need help though with the identification of people in photos 3-4:



FRONT ROW: Manusiu Fe'ao, 'Unaloto Manu, Kilisitina Tavo, Analena Manu, Tilisa Tavo, Masani Tatafu, Palenapa Tavo, Huufifale Fanguna (RIP), Ma'ake Fatu, Manoa Manu, Taniela Fa'ulao.

2ND ROW: Taniela Fe'ao (partly obscured), 'Otolata Fe'ao, Tiana Latu, 'Atonia Kaufusi, Sete Sikei, Saane Pofaiva, Keisi Tavo, Latai Peauafi, 'Emeline Tatafu

3RD ROW: Dateline Fatu, 'Isa'ake Manu, Koli Tatafu, Sione Peauafi, 'Ofa Latu, Soana Tavo, Tisina Pofaiva, Falakika Kongaika, Uike Fonua, Siuni Tavo.

4TH ROW: Palema Matangi, Oscar Pousini, Saione Pousini, Siaosi Kaufusi, Kongaika Peauafi, 'Ekuasi Manu, Mata Pousini, Katalina Tavo, Moana Peauafi, Sipiliano Pofaiva (baby / RIP), Loseti Tatafu, Meleseini Fanguna (RIP).

5TH ROW STARTS MIDWAY: Faleola Fe'ao, Telesia Pousini, Fapiena Tavo (baby), Suliana Tavo (RIP), Felise Tavo, Sosafate Peauafi.

6TH ROW: Maliana Manu, Lita Pofaiva, Lupeni Pousini (RIP), Felise Pousini (who is the kid?), Seletute Tavo, Ma'ata Pousini, Soane Pofaiva, Hikoitaulanga Manu sr, Siosi Kaufusi, Pelenatita Tavo, 'Amelia Peauafi, Tu'akilaumea Manu (RIP), Siulala Pousini.

BACK ROW: Puluno Tavo, Lisiate Manu, Tevesi Tavo (RIP), Seini Kaufusi (RIP), Tevita Tavo, 'Alipate Tavo, Seno Tavo, Folau Pofaiva, Peti Pousini, Visilia Tavo, Petaia Pofaiva.



HERE'S PHOTO NO. 4 (you need a microscope for this one or right click to copy then blow it up)

Here's Stan's explanation of this photo no. 4 (thanks Stan):

GPS Matahau - Winner, Hihifo District Ma'ulu'ulu Competition (1979)

Well, I do have with me a blow-up pix of this photo, which certainly helps with identifying a lot. I tried my best here, and am sure Uncle Napa, Sr Saane and others of our GPS generation can help correct me or identify the rest of those I couldn’t in this photo. Even I couldn’t identify all my classmates. Matahau kids that are not mentioned but am sure are also there include the ‘Ita family, more Veamatahau, Pousini and many LDS families, etc.

Let me group the photo arrangement this way: students in rows (2 sittings, 1 kneeling and 2 standings) including one adult sitting group (in the middle), plus the 5 drummers and 3groups of standing adults on the left and right with the young adults at the back.

Standing adults on the far left (L-R): Siniva Sr. (RIP), Nau (RIP,with Child1), ‘Eniketi Manu, Mele Lilo Veamatahau, and Mr Saia Fonua (RIP), and two young adults (Lady1 and Lady2) between her and probably my Class 1 teacher Kalo (Nukunuku) or what looks to me like Mahina (Siniva’s daughter).

Standing adults on the far right (R-L): Pati Kaufusi (with wife Tangi, sitting at the front), an obscured Lady3 behind his right shoulder, then Mele’ufi Pofaiva, Lady4, Kolo Mafi with teacher Tevita Taufa or Tonga ‘Fahefa’ (Principal) behind his left shoulder, along with Kaihau’s wife to the inside, next to Talivaka Koloti and Pitisi Uia on the inside, with another unidentified lady (Lady5) who looks like Ma’ata Pousini.

Sitting adults in the middle (L-R): Pipiena Kongaika/Peauafi, Deputy Principal Nai (Masilamea), Sita’s husband,Te’ekafa? (Village Town Officer, RIP), Grandpa ‘Ekuasi Tavo (RIP), Lilo Veamatahau (RIP), Kosi Mafi (RIP) and Nau (teacher and wife of Principal) withChild2, then Tu’a Manu (RIP).

Standing drummers (L-R):Kaulave Falepapalangi and Mele Veamatahau on the left side, and Vakaola Mafi, Huufifale Fanguna (RIP) and Samisoni Manu on the right side.

Row 1 Sitting (L-R): Boy1, Kilisitina Tavo, Moana Uia, Leinata Pasikala (?), Moala Veamatahau, Girl1, either Tilisa Tavo or the Town Officer’s eldest daughter Kalo – the Vahenga with the winning Shield (given that Tilisa is younger than her sister Tina, this might be Kalo then), Boy 2, Boy 3, Boy 4, Boy 5, and Pulupoi Pousini (?).

Row 2 Sitting (L-R): Girl2, Girl3 (behind Tina), Girl4 (behind Moana), Uini Seno Tavo (?), Girl6 (looking back), Sela (Nai’s daughter), Girl7 (could be Pele Fanguna), Girl8, Tamalisi Koloti, Seiloni Fanguna, Paulo Manu, Kilisitofa Kaufusi, Girl9.

Row 3 Kneeling (L-R): Girl10 (in front of Pipiena), Girl11 (in front of Nai), Sete Kaufusi (?), Girl12 (in front of Lilo), Boy6 (in front of Kosi), Boy7, Boy8, Boy9, Sipiliano Pofaiva (RIP), Sitaniselao (Stan) Manu, Girl13 (could be Likuesi’s wife who was not schooling yet and therefore without a costume).

Row 4 Standing (L-R): Mafou Pousini (behind Pipiena), Latai Peauafi, Girl14, Palu Veamatahau, Nia Kaufusi, Girl15, Girl16, Saane Pofaiva (between Lilo and Kosi), Girl17, Girl18, Lesieli Veamatahau, Ma’ake Fatu (?), Boy10, Boy11, Manoa Jr Manu, Likuesi Lau’ese with Masani Tatafu behind him.

Row 5 Standing (L-R): Falelei Koloti (looks like), Boy12 (Rodney may be?), Sione Kalamafoni, Boy13, ‘Akata Manu, Keisi Tavo, Line Tuiaki (‘Asaeli’s sister), Tisina Pofaiva, Silivia Lau’ese, then six unidentified girls (Girl19-24) with Girl19 looking like ‘Analena Manu Ta’ai (who I thought might have been schooled at GPS Nuku’alofa at the time), Palenapa Tavo, Rodney Sikei or Pati’s son Patelisio Kaufusi, Peni ‘Slow’ Veamatahau, Dateline Fatu (?) who sort of look like his younger brother Kosilio).

Back Row Standing (L-R): Boy14, Child3, Lady6, Lady7 (Pele or Leinata Pasikala?), Lesieli Veamatahau, ‘Elulu Veamatahau, Latu Tavo Fatu, Lolo Tuiaki’s wife (?), Salote Fanguna, Mone Veamatahau (?), Misimoa, Teu Filipine, Siaosi Kaufusi, ‘Isa’ake Jr Manu, with 4 other unidentified young adults (Adult1-4) at the back with three other babies (Child4-6).

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