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Malo e Lelei Famili ki Matahau

Talofa Lava,

I'm so grateful of meeting Professor Stan during his short visit here in American Samoa. I was surprised when Fr. Lopeti called last Thursday from Samoa informing of Stan's coming via a meeting in need with me and my family. It was so good talking about those days, honestly, those days in Matahau being one of the best days of my life of meeting with so many cousins. The most special factor about my experience of that time is that we were all in the same mood.

(My youngest son Filoitumua F. Leo, Professor Stan, daughter Rabunzel Y. Leo, and eldest daughter Crystal C. Leo at the airport in American Samoa)

I do feel lucky that I met the late Ekuasi & Fatai at that time, they were so happy of welcoming me on my arrival in Matahau during my schooling time in 1986 at St. John's High School. Upon meeting the family, I did feel the sense of love by Ekuasi for his older Sister Latu (my grandmother) by how happy he had shown. He did talk non-stop about his Sister and how they got married in Tonga before they moved to Samoa. That's how I found out about late uncle Felix (name in Tonga as Laupoini or Falakiko) that he was born in Tonga.

(Crystal, Rabunzel, my forever partner Eletise Leo, Filoitumua, the one & only Matahau-Man Maletino I. Leo at the back and second son Wiliam J. Leo)

Anyway, those days are the golden days and to set my memory on track, our joking group when I was in Matahau during weekends in those days are the one an only music-man Etuate, the honorable Teacher Mr. Fate, the Farmer man Napa, the Charm lady Soana, the Stylist KC, Christina the model, her holiness Ana and Paame the Teaser.

However, if I have forgotten anyone, please, do forgive me, I know you will do so because our family have lots of priests. It's nice to be in-touch with you guys, I know time pass-by so fast but the fact of life remains that we are family, nothing in life can change that. It's just a matter of recovery, but it's already there for everyone to share, experience and live for it. This for sure will guide your future path if you do know where you come from.

(Rabunzel, William, Professor Stan, Crystal and Filoitumua in front)

I think my sharing is enough for now, I know for sure have taken up most of your valuble time and will sure be in-touch again soon. I do commend the Admin team for their hard work in monitoring this site, it's amazing. It really shows the family values of togetherness as seen, the only exception is that it took me more than 20 times to log in before going thru ha! ha! just joking guys, Malo Aupito.

Will meet again. Mou Nofoa or Tofa Soifua.

Maletino I. Leo

[Admin: Maletino is a grandson of Latu Tavo David, Grandpa 'Ekuasi's eldest sister, who married and lived in Samoa]

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