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Long Overdue Update from Sydney

Hi Famili,

My apology for disappearing for a very long time. Hope that everyone are doing well and fine and get ready for X-mas. My family and I are all well.

Last week I talked to auntie Katalina. Her family are fine and very busy in preparation for her hubby's ordination in February. She told me the good news that Granpa Filimi will be coming so looking forward to it. Auntie Latu and uncle Pate are all well too, also auntie Teuila and famili.

Football season is over. The boys teams did well with Arthur's team finish in the Grand final and Rimo in the finals. The boys did very well this year and I'm very proud of them.

The boys also did well in their National exam this year. Arthur in the top band for all his subjects and Rimo in a Mix of the top and middle band for his. Rimo is very good at drawing so as a result he entered a competition and his art work is published in one of the kids books here Write4Fun 2010 edition, and I'm waiting for our copy.

Myself as a sporty mum I have introduced my boys to ATHLETICS and they are enjoying it. I just prefer them going out more in the sun and enjoy the fresh air rather than stay indoors and watch TV and play X-box. Arthur is already collecting medals. He is so competitive and determined. This boy so like mum:):). In our Clubs Gala day he got a silver in doing Shot Put and yesterday he was representing our club in a Shot put and Discus relay team for NSW STATE RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS. His team did well winning BRONZE medal, first medal for our club yesterday (yeah out of 14 teams from our club we only won two medals they were both bronze).

He was throwing discus in the individual result. He came 2nd place 5cm short from the first place. Rimo is a very shy boy he's not like his lil' brother. He is doing good too. He was also in the NSW STATE RELAY CHAMPIONSHIPS for his age group doing High Jump and he set a new PB of jumping at 1.20 m and their team came 5th (Long and High Jump relay team).

This is all the news for now from my end until next time.

Soifua ma ia manuia.


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