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Christmas Day 2010 in Flanders

'A e si'i ngaahi hako kotoa 'o Lomu, Manu pea mo Tavo, malo mu'a 'etau toe a'u mo'ui mai ki he ngaahi fu'u 'aho Kilisimasi ni! You know the English saying, "Be careful what you wish for", well, here in Europe no one is wishing anymore for a white Christmas because not only is Christmas snowy white but the new year as well. 'Ofa atu 'aupito mei 'Iulope mama'o. Here's what the road looked like yesterday when Kara and I were driving to spend Xmas with her brother's family (Paul).

In front of the Christmas tree is our Christmas host, Paul and his wife Ingrid. Next Christmas, Kara and I will be hosting them here. Everyone has their turn but mind the 20 cm of snow outside please....ooh so cold!

Luckily for those from the tropics, Paul has a fireplace in his living - nice and warm so long as you stay in

At the Christmas table is Kara and her other brother Peter and Carmen, Paul's youngest daughter.

The other side of the table. At left is Kara's mother and then Peter's wife, Carine and their only son, Emile.

Everybody is busy with their presents. I did get something but will not tell you lest Hiko jr gets mad...again!

No, he is neither hungry nor upset at his presents...just caught by the camera (Kara) at the wrong moment.

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