• Fr Unaloto

Talofa Lava & Farewell Beautiful Samoa

Greetings to you all and wish you all had a joyful Christmas. For your information my time in Samoa is coming to an end. Next week I leave for Fiji for my next assignment which is at St Agnes Parish in Suva. A familiar place for me and I am looking forward to that. I have been in Samoa for four years and they have been enriching and challenging years for me.

So I would like to thank you for your prayers and your support. I will miss these good people and hope I will be back one day. We never know...I might be back one day as superior visiting his confrères...ha.

I have been here with Fr Lutoviko in the last three years and he has renewed his time for another three years so it seems he likes it here very much. Anyway, I will miss his company and wish him well.

Monday next week I will be leaving for Fiji for a week then to Tonga for a holiday. So komunio Sangato Sosefo Tangata Ngaue, mou tali mai. Puke mai ange ki'i pulengaue! That is all and once again, thank you and God bless!

Fa soifua and Bula Vinaka!

Fr 'Unaloto Manu

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