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Lalokalosipani News (4 January 2011)

Dear Famili,

A Happy Happy New Year and belated Merry Xmas to you all. My utmost apology (unless some of you guys are glad not hearing from me) for being missing out so much last month. I know tonnes of reasons ain’t gonna please you enough, so let me just cut my excuses short to one heartfelt and big FAKAMOLEMOLE to you all.

Lalo Kalosipani Crew

As you all know, lately at our Lalo Kalosipani, our population has grown in numbers and with great spirit as we had Lika & Ana and our favorite Tafola crew returning from Suva, Fiji. I felt for the kids having to miss Suva and their friends, so we made sure they would be welcome with the most kind gestures, as we slowly turn their minds from the Suva surrounding to our little own Matahau environment. And yes, personally for me, it was so good having them home especially for Xmas and New Year 2011.

Even aunty Maliana is so glad to have her Rosary gang increasing in numbers, with theTafola’s joining Milika and Saimone in the morning prayers as well as with our church choir. Neniti &Tiana are doing truly well, while taking care of Maliana, they are also expecting their third child in the coming April 2011. So with your prayers, may their family grow with prosperity. With Fita, we call her ko e “Tokoni Tauhi". She’s been doing a great job with our St. Joseph community . . . with organizing the ECL’s Xmas Tree and ECL Hihifo Parish Sports Day (was so much fun with parents and children) at the GPS Matahau playground. But not only does she work with her ECL kids, she dedicates a lot of her time to looking after the Church Building, and I hope she could take it easy,otherwise it would drain her energy out. She works too much, I reckon.

Our Simple and Really Fakalata Xmas

Our Xmas was like poor Jesus in the manger. But with an upgrade of candies and chocolate and a nice warm barbeque . . . kauteme . . . ko e ma’a atu . . . tunu’i e mata’iika, hu ki ai mo e fo’i sosisi Nu’usila, hapo’i ‘aki e konga sipi kapakapa, mo e ki’i alanga’imoa tipped in tomato bbq-sauce, it became the most memorable Xmas family meal we’ve ever had in a while. Kataki pe na’a hange kuo te talai hangamai, ka ko e lea pe he mafana mo e ‘ofa ‘o e Kilisimasi.

Of course, we had our Xmas Tree as well. Tu’a’ofa was questioning who provided the Xmas gifts (since she knew for sure it wasn’t me), and I told her it was really Santa Claus, she couldn’t believe me so I had to call Santa Claus and while I thanked Santa on the phone, then later passed the phone over to Tu’a, the little girl then whispered “Hello Santa Claus” with enthusiasm hoping to really hear Santa’s voice, only that she didn’t recognize Santa’s spirit but she noticed more that it was Sr.Clare’s voice talking back at her (he ki’i ta’ahine ta’emahino mo’oni).We had a wonderful Xmas, a simple and closely bonded Xmas time together.

And yes, later that Xmas day, I took Ana and the Tafola’s to visit Sepa in Vaiola Psychiatric Ward, and it was emotional having to feel that little change of tone in Sepa as he meets Ana and the kids. I felt something different in Sepa, as being more-considerate and polite. Unlike when I get to visit him on my own, it’s like watching the Formula One race, where each race-car gets to fuel up and change tyre SO quickly without saying a word, before it heads back to the racing track. But this special day, for Sepa he wasn’t his usual Formula One mode, instead he gave us a really heartwarming Xmas in a simple way.

We will not forget all you Santas ne mou vahevahe mai homou kato, ke faka’inasi ‘aki ‘emau BBQ masiva, fakamalo lahi atu kiate kimoutolu: malo, malo, malo ‘aupito.

‘Eniketi Manu’s Funeral

As you already know, one of our elderly women of Matahau and of our church community passed away around midday of the 31st of December 2011. Quite a day to remember, as it was a beautiful sunny day in Matahau. While most of the community were attending the raffle drawing of our Parish being held in Fatai, ‘Eniketi’s family were saying farewell to this special lady in their family home. As the family were expecting this sooner to come, ‘Eniketi has been fighting breast cancer for some time now. In early April last year, she had a major surgery at the Vaiola Hospital, but was told that her aging had failed her body. For the rest of the year, this family had braved until she had all her children and grandchildren at home on Xmas, and finally meets the time to move on.

We were lucky to have spent some time in her last few days ‘o fai e failotu mo ‘Eniketi, kae pehe ki hono takailolo ‘e Patele mo fakahoko foki mo ha ngaahi misa ‘I honau ‘api, that she told us she is SO ready ke tali e ui ma’oni’oni ‘a e ‘Otua ki hene mo’ui. As I am worried about my uncle, Matakaiongo, ‘oku ou kolea atu ai pe ho’omou hufaki ki he'emau tangata’eiki ko ‘eni, ke ne ma’u foki ha loto lahi 'i he ngaahi‘aho ka hoko mai. Ko e me’afaka’eiki ‘o ‘Eniketi Manu, ne kamata tauhi pe ‘i honau ‘api nofo’anga, ‘o toki kamata e fakafe’ao ‘aho (‘a-‘aho) today ‘i he falelotu St.Sosefo Tangata Ngaue, kimu’a pea toki fakaha’ele atu ki hono toka’anga ‘i he fa’itoka ko Loma ‘i he ‘aho ni ai pe. Ko ia, na’e ma’u pe ai e faingamalie ke fakahoko foki ki he famili ‘o Matakaiongo, ‘a e ngaahi popoaki fie kaunga mamahi na’e ma’u mai meia Sitani, kae pehe kia Fr. Hikolahi mo ‘etau kau faifekau kotoa ‘i he famili. There is no doubt, ko e fu’u fakalotolahi mo’oni ia kia Matakaiongo mo e famili, ‘i he mole kuo hoko tonu ki honau loto fale.

Ko ia, that's all I have for you guys for now. My apology that I'm unable to provide you guys with photos since I don't have a camera. However, the good news is that my sister in law, Siniva is hopefully updating you guys with images, so you might have photos from her bebo page.

Anyway, you all take care and til then,

'Ofa lahi atu


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