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Update from Down Under: Cyclone Yasi

Hello Family,

I hope all is good with everyone and this finds you all in good health.

We, Queenslanders have had a tough start to the year:

  • Flooding

  • Cyclone Yasi

Our families in Bundaberg were all lucky to escape the flooding, but not as lucky as our neighbours across the river in the North of Bundaberg (where we use to live).

If the river rose 2 or more metres, we could have been in the same boat, so we are counting our blessings here.

Also cousin Mele Rea was in the thick of the floods in Brisbane, she is safe and had to evacuvate from her home incase of flooding.

Everything is back to normal now, with the flood water receded very quickly.

Felise Jnr and Patrick are up in Townsville where Cyclone Yasi was headed and they predicted a Category 5.

We kept in contact with the boys til about 12 midnight on Wednesday, until we could no longer keep in contact.

Letting you all know they are well and safe, however Townsville did not fair as well, fallen trees every where, houses ripped apart, fallen power lines, cars and boats destroyed etc.

Townsville stills has no power from Cyclone Yasi, which shows how powerful it was.

There is still warning of cyclones in that area, but it is downgraded to a Category 2-3.

We want to take this opportunity for all those who kept us in our prayers during that time.

We, had Fonua Maka - Pa'ame son leave today, from his long holiday here in Bundaberg.

Fonua was here in November for Magz & Jimmy's wedding and has been spending his holiday here with us, so we are happy to have spent time with him and we hoped he enjoyed his stay.

Taniela Antonio Kaufusi is doing great - he is the big 1 month now!! lol

Growing bigger and bigger as the days go on.

Well that's all the news from Bundaberg, over and out!!!

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