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Ongoongo meia Hiko ki he 'Aho 'o Maliana

Kataki pe kau 'a'ahi mai ki he 'api ni...ko e fie fakahoko atu pe 'imeili mohu ongoongo 'a Hiko Leka kia au fekau'aki mo hono faka'ilonga'i e 'aho ta'u fitungofulu 'o Maliana Lahi 'i Matahau. Mou nofo a pea 'ofa atu 'aupito mei 'Iulope ni, Vo.

Hey Vo,

I thought Fita and 'Ana had already posted the news and photos.

I got to say the birthday was nicely celebrated. It started off ‘aki e misa ‘i falelotu pe. But remember I told you, that Sr.Clare and her girls had already decorated the Lalo Kalosipani with balloons and birthday decorations from the night before. My work that day was so busy and depressing, that I only remembered to get the ice-cream after work. I had bad luck finding it, until luckily I came to Molisi (it was just about to close) ‘o kole ange ke ‘ai mu’a ‘eku fakatau ice-cream. Mahalo ne faka’ofa’ia mai pe ta’ahine faifakatau ia ‘i hoku mata, pea talu ai pe hono ‘ai ‘eku fakatau ice-cream. I could only manage to get one 8 Litre container.

When I got home, the mass had already started, and then I remembered that I haven’t printed you guys' birthday wishes from our family website. I agreed with 'Ana in the morning, that she’ll do it, since our internet at the office only allows for office work emails. But she later got back to me and told me that she couldn’t get it (internet problem at AFC). It just added to my depressing day at work. I started to think of making excuses about not printing out you guys' birthday wishes for Maliana, and then pictured in my head all the anger that’ll be flying at me. That minute, I remembered our internet at home, so I skipped the mass totally, and copied your birthday wishes off from the family website to a word document, and save it on the laptop, so I could just read it later for Maliana.

After the mass, you should know the Lalo Kalosipani was fully packed, much like our last family reunion in 2006. But this time, it was the whole church there, Sr.Clare’s team and families. Analena lahi was ill by then, and she couldn’t attend. Only Filimi Lahi was there. Siua Neni was there too, so was your favorite carpenter Tu’ifua, who did a speech representing the local community church. Manu did a speech representing the Manu families, since Matakai couldn’t afford to attend. Fr. Mateo was there of course. And our food, I just hope it was enough compared to the numbers that attended. Believe me, I got a bit kei’ingo sio he tokolahi pehee. And feeling embarrassed too, that I can’t imagine how can 8 litre of ice-cream be enough for such a crowd. I got worried, na’a tangi ha ki’I leka ko e hala he ice-cream. So I couldn’t bear to watch it, I just sneaked into my room ‘o fanofanongo mai mei ai, and hoping ‘e toe ha me’akai after our guests are gone. I later asked Susitina the next morning about my ice-cream, and she said na’e si’I tata ‘aki pe fakapotopoto taha kenau tofu kotoa ai . . . pea u longo ai pe au ia! I could imagine ha ‘ita ‘a Sr.Clare he si’isi’I e ice-cream. I guess I was right hiding in my room.

So, pretty much most of the celebration, I just heard it from my room. I heard that Tu’a’ofa did a tau’olunga, and that Sefo was too shy to tulafale, that Saimone stepped up to the occasion, ‘o ma’u ‘ene seniti ia ‘a’ana he fakapale, kae toki ‘oho holo ‘a Sefo ia fai hono fakakolekole’i ‘o Saimone ke ‘oange ha’ane seniti. The meal was prepared in a buffet style. We managed to get 3 puaka tunus, one for Patele’s green basket, and two for the table. Ko e fanga ki’i puaka pe ‘a Maliana, ‘oku tauhi ‘ia Manu, mo e fanga ki’i fanganga ‘a Lotiola. And of course, there were two birthday cakes. I'm sure you'll get to see pictures of it later. Like I said, ko e me’akai ia ko e lukuluku’i hake pe. But one thing that I didn’t criticize strongly was when 'Ana read out aloud you guys' birthday wishes for everyone to hear. I thought that was just supposed to be for Maliana alone - toe 'ita e 'a Sitani. Instead, it sounded a little bit out of place or what do you think?

Anyway, you take care. I’m getting back to work. I’m getting a bad day coming.

Ofa lahi atu kia Kara, and you uncle, Hikosi’i

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