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Happy Birthday to Fifita & 'Analena

Fifita & 'Analena,

Birthdays come and go, often at times, taken for granted. Yet in that unique moment of remembering how special the person(s) is, there is so much joy, blend with gratitude, for the wonderful gifts that you are to the family. As the saying goes, the best gift for birthdays is when we are surrounded by our loved ones. Material gifts are secondary!!

Masses have been offered for both of you, yesterday and today. May God grant you both in abundance the graces that you need so to continue to be the wonderful and loving persons that you are.

Ko e me'a'ofa pe 'oku ma'u ko e fu'u tuinga Losalio pe pea mo e Misa!

'Ofa lahi atu & hufaki,


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