• Analena Manu Taai

Another Addition to the Lalokalosipani

Malo e lelei famili, Just a little update with the growth of the clan here at the Lalo Kalosipani. On Wednesday 9th of March, Tiana and Nadi Mahe's third child was finally born. She was more than 8 pounds when she was born and may I remind you this is prematured, a month earlier. A very healthy baby girl and was named by the Servants of Holiness community at Lutu as Malia 'i Lutu. Tiana and the baby are both healthy.

Maliana is still the same. Fu'u tauhi lelei 'aupito ia pea 'oku vave ange 'emau aging ia 'a kimautolu iiki 'ia Maliana. She is doing great especially fingering the rosary. Fifita is pretty busy with helping out at the Catholic pre-school at the Basilica. The Lalo Kalosipani top reporter is very busy right now with trying to make sure ke 'oua na'a toe hola 'a e ta'ahine ia ka e hala 'aupito. But the man of the house, Neniti, 'oku mo'oni ai e lau ki he kalasi silipa supa-papa he taimi ko 'ee, 'oku 'i fale, 'oku 'i tu'a, 'oku 'i 'uta. He is a one man job. He is being promoted as Maliana's top chef and house cleaner since Tiana is on maternity leave. Poini jr. is now back in Aussie as of yesterday while we're still enjoying the company of his family especially his very heavy and energetic son Tomasi. Ko e tauhi 'o Matahau 'oku ne kei mo'ui lelei pe. 'Oku te'eki ke 'i ai ha me'a he siasi 'e telenga kovi kae puke hono hela mo vaku hono hema. Lastly, on behalf of us gang from this corner, we would like to wish you all the best 'i ho'omou ngaahi ngaue kotoa pe. 'Oku mau 'ofa atu, 'Analena Lalo Kalosipani.

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