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Bits and Pieces of News from Europe

Malo e tau mo ena e si'i ngaahi famili kotoa 'o Lomu, Manu pea mo Tavo. Ko e fie fakalea atu pe 'o vakai pe 'oku mou sai pe 'o hange ko ia ko kimautolu ni 'oku nofohili atu mei he "Konitineniti Motu'a". 'Oku mau toupikoi pe heni he matelie hange ko e tokolahi 'iate kimoutolu kae malo e faingamalie ko eni ke fai atu ai ha fanga ki'i ongoongo mei 'Iulope ni. This is a shot of Dr Kara, waiting for her patients. She sees on average 35 patients a day.

Well for better or for worse, I became a citizen of the Kingdom of Belgium and of the European Union last week. Of course, this is all possible thanks to the Tongan Parliament which recently amended the Tongan citizenship laws allowing Tongans overseas to hold dual citizenship. Just as important for me is the Belgian citizenship laws which also allow for such dual citizenship. Otherwise, it would have been a tough choice to make. But of course, while our Tongan passport will always be unique, it's not much use when it comes to travelling (just ask Stan about it). Anyway, I will now enjoy the fact that I will no longer have to explain to people at airports (who should have known better) where Tonga is! The only problem is that Kara now wants a Tongan passport - it must have some value after all! I'll have to inquire in London about that one. This is another shot of Kara's clinic. Her clinic occupies the ground floor of our house.

There's nothing else going on here except work. The two photos shown above is Kara at her practice or clinic. She is a medical doctor who runs her own clinic from the bottom floor of our little house - all doctors work like that here in Belgium. She's busy all day trying to comfort or heal sick people. Whereas for me, I used to have a part-time job as an English teacher at a local school here but have had to give it up because of my other job of coordinating this copyediting service which has now become a full time job. As you can see in the picture below, my main job is correcting theses of students from all over the world, mainly PhD dissertations but also sometimes Master's theses. You may click here to see the range of mostly students from all over the world who send us their work to be copyedited and proofread. Anyway, this is what's keeping me busy all day, sometimes well into the night. But then, there's the holidays to look forward to.

Well, it's getting warmer here as spring has well and truly begun which means only one thing of course - the cycling season is about to begin and I can't wait to get out on my bike. I hope to read some news about how you guys are doing. Otherwise, do keep well and when you can, do remember us here in Europe during your prayers.

'Oku ma 'ofa atu 'aupito, Kara & uncle Tavo

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