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  • Analena Manu Taai

Our Top Reporter in Hospital

Ki'i ongoongo nounou pe kia kimoutolu famili. Lotiola and I left Tonga for Suva this Monday evening while our top reporter, Hiko si'i was taken again to the hospital and being admitted ko e langa kete mo e tu'a. Had been scanned and found that fo'i ngakau 'e taha 'oku pupula. Treatment is still on for him and to be scanned again today cos the pain is still there. Hopefully nothing is serious than that. Ko ia ai, kole atu famili, while we are praying for the soul of 'Ana Simiki, may we also remember Hiko si'i in our prayers. Lotiola and I will be back in Tonga this Saturday.

'Ofa atu to you all,

'Ana now from Suva.

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