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Grandpa Filimi's Peace of Mind

Talofa lava to you all, I know you will criticize my being not making a contribution to our site for quite some time and please do not judge me for my bad behaviour but there is always a reason for everything. As quoted, “No News is Good News” which is my sole reason of keeping my silence in order for all our readers to have a Peace of Mind. If anyone does not agree with my views, then I’m sorry but you will be regarded as person whom we called in Samoa – Faitala or Faiongo’ongo as you all know ha! First of all, Sister Lucia Yvonne sends her love and thank you much to all of U for the prayers and support during her time of need. She is back to Chicago doing her normal duties. Our recent conversation indicated she’s doing fine and back to a happy life from being afraid during that particular period of illness. She is definitely praying for all of us as like us to each other and we must continue this ritual for the betterment of our families and everyone. Brief news from Samoa, everyone is OK ha! I’m sorry for not doing interviews, because my sources are undoubtedly reliable and are as good as an interview. So, ensure my reporting are more likely facts of life ha! Anyway, Aunty Luisa and Family are all well and OK, they have moved to their new house on Mt. Vaea, next to their grandson’s residence and their place do have a very nice clear view of Apia Harbor & Town. Their old place in Taufusi as known by Stan is being sold-off and have moved as said. As for Uncle Rudy’s Family, dearly wife Apaula and the kids are doing fine. As for Vailili and our gang in To’omatagi, they are all doing well, I spoke to her last night and she’s in the happy mood and so thankful of the support and prayers for Sister Lucia Yvonne. She did send her love and prayers also to U All. As for us here in American Samoa including Tavo (Aunty Luisa’s son) and Dean’s families (Tavo’s older brother), we are all in good shape. As long as we breathe the free air and sunlight, that is all we need to start a good day. Nothing new is going on in our island, just the up-coming flag-day in April 16, 2011 that people are looking forward to. There will be some entertainment and the long boat racing or the Fautasi Race as usual which is the highlight activity. We do miss the Tui-Ha’apai & Tui-Vava’u long-boats from the Kingdom in the late 80’s, these 2 did change the face of our traditional Fautasi Race, no longer the same after 1987 or 1988 I believe upon their entrance when the Tui-Ha’apai came first, second was then Tui-Vava’u just a couple of minutes, then the third boat for a couple of hours, unbelievable but it’s true ha! After the race, there were so many rumors flying all over because of the shadow feeling of the agony of defeat. The Samoans could hardly accept the fact that new comers can win at any given day and has reshaped the way people think of our Fautasi race.

I will end my sharing with the one and only Grandpa Filimi’s personal views and I do hope he is in good health. During my schooling in Tongan in 1986, I did meet Filimi again around December when he came over to make arrangements for his family to leave the Kingdom for the US. I was happy going over to his place often for a chat with him because he understood via speaks Samoan fluently, same with Ana. More of our talks were about families, especially Samoa and those days while he was in Samoa to be a Catechist. He then emphasized the importance of families and how good that we were born here in the Pacific that the peaceful nature do shape our mental thinking of living whom people on other parts of the world do not have but desire to have it, more likely a Peace of Mind.

Aumatagi Carl David (Eldest or No. 1. - Family moved to US in late 70's), Our Grandfather & Latu's husband Kupu Tom Carl David (sitting on chair), Rudolth Bernard David (No. 5 - Lived in Tonga in the 60's), Wilhem R. David (Youngest - Lana's Father standing at the back), Filex Falakiko L. David (No. 2 - Born in Tonga), Josephine S. David (No. 3 - kneeling next to Whilem whom is the late Cuz Bruno's mom) Luisa D. Woo Ching (No. 7 - Cuz Tavo's mom with black skirt), Vailili Y. D. Leo (No. 6 - my mom sitting next to Luisa), Alamida David (No. 4 - Living in NZ with Family whom sitthing next to Vailili, I do not recall her spouse Family name), Maliana N. David (No. 8 - Kneeling at the back of Vailili, also living in NZ with Family and could not recalled her spouse Family name) and next to her is Grandpa Filimi. The only Surviving members are Luisa (No. 7 - Still in Samoa), Vailili (No. 6 - Also in Samoa), Alamida (No. 4 - In NZ), Maliana (No. 9 Also in NZ) and the one and only Grandpa Filimi on tie & suit.

However, I did pose a question to Filimi of why moving to America then if somehow what he said is a blessing of living in Tonga or Samoa. Filimi then made a very loose-up move of his elbow, pause like a teacher trying to explain something in a very approachable manner and said, “See it from this angle, our families are poor, same as in the US, but poor in the US is having a refrigerator, a car, new clothes and so many more, not like here in Tonga that poor over here is actually poor, no refrigerator, no car and same clothes.”

We did have a very good laugh and nice chats with him at that time. I do wish for him the best of health and so thankful for his piece of mind that I see as a Peace of Mind for everyone to be cool and relax for this coming week-end. I will probably end here and wish U all the best of health. Sorry for not getting back so soon because of other good things, otherwise, we will spend our time doing bad things ha! Have a very pleasant week-end to U All. Do pray for each other always because it’s free. Alofa tele atu, Tino

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