• Fr Ekuasi

Uike Tapu Mohu Tapuaki

Si'i ngaahi famili pea mo e maheni, Fktauange ke lotolotoi ai pe 'ae tapuaki pea mo e kalasia 'oe Uike Tapu 2011 'i homou ngaahi loto fale 'i he uike ni 'o fai atu. Fk tauange ke toetu'u e 'Eiki mo ha mo'ui 'oku fo'ou pea ke tau lalaka ai pe 'i he malumalu 'o 'ene 'ofa fai meesi. Rest assured that you will be remembered fondly throughout the celebrations of the Triduum beginning tomorrow night. It's a major event here at the school so we are loking forward to it. The students especially since there will be temporary break from rice and dahl to chicken and beef!!! Our two special guests in Manurewa, Maliana & Clare are enjoying the hospitality of the kids while their parents are busy with work! A bit of news from the Athletic competition in Tonga. My boy won the final of the 400m today with a new record 48 sec, which will be hard to break in the years to come! All the best for your preparations for the Holy Week. May I wish you all in advance a Blessed & Happy Easter! Ekuasi

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