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Greetings from Barcelona

Hello Famili, Mou fefe hake? Just saw the photos from Sulieti and Manoa jr - ma'a lahi 'aupito! Thank you Suli and Noa. But am writing to you from Barcelona in Spain. We have been here for a few days of break, flying back tomorrow to Belgium (1.5 hours flight). You may remember this city from 1992 when it hosted the Summer Olympics. It is a very popular destination for tourists not only because of its many unusual architectural designs but is also considered to be Europe's "most forward looking" city, the "Seattle" as it were of Europe. And of course, this is the home of "Barca", the best soccer team in the world at the moment with a certain Lionel Messi among its ranks. Barca will play Manchester United at the end of this month for the title of champions of Europe. Might as well forget about Man United.

Barcelona cathedral, designed by Gaudi, is yet to be completed

Kara is making the rounds of the shops in this city right now while I am stuck in this hotel room 'working' - no kidding guys. I have here 7 papers to correct from students at the University of Tasmania in Australia and University of Hull in England. Please spare a thought for uncle! We do hope you are all well. 'Ofa atu 'aupito to Hiko jr and to you all from Barcelona.

Kara & Tavo

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