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Greetings from Kos Island in Greece

Kataki pe 'a ha'a tautonu, ka mahalo ko hono fakatonga lelei taha pe ki he hingoa 'o e motu ni ko "Kosi". 'Oku mei lahi tatau pe mo Tongatapu ka ko hono kakai 'oku 'i he tolumano pe nai. Sio ange ki he tu'u 'a Kosi he mape ni.

As you can see from the map, Kos is right at the border between Greece and Turkey. In the photo below of Kara Tavo, the city in the distance is the tourist resort of Bodrum in Turkey. That is how close they are to each other.

Just ignore the guy below "mo 'ene tu'u fiehia". The Greek naval boat behind is only one of many that we saw on the island. These two countries (Greece and Turkey) have gone to war over these islands. That may explain why.

The Greek Orthodox Church in the main town of Kos. As much as Turkey is Islamic, Greece is staunchly Greek Orthodox, a key aspect of their national identity, partly I suspect in response to the threat from its bigger Islamic neighbour.

Kos is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. Below is a monument in the center of Kos town dedicated to the great ancient doctor. Every doctor since then is keen to visit Kos including our own Dr Kara.

This is why I love coming to these Greek islands because only here can I enjoy a mata'iika tunu - ko e ifo atu! Do take note of the t-shirt, it's holidaying and advertising at the same time for our online venture English-Proofreader.com.

There's no holiday for us without biking. Here's Kara looking for her bike. The lanes in pink are exclusively for bicycles which allows you to bike around the coast in safety. We did something like 60 kilometers in total.

The view from our hotel bungalow. We stayed at the "Dateline Hotel" of the island, it's a village of its own catering for more than 1000 tourists. It's the island's biggest and everyone has to work hard to be able to spend a week there.

Relaxing at the beach with one of my favourite newspapers, Herald Tribune, courtesy of our hotel, Kos Imperial.

This is Ryan Air at Kos Airport, ready for take off to Brussels, a flight of 3.5 hours. The airport reminded me of Fua'amotu. Ryan Air is Europe's cheapest and therefore most popular airline. 'Oku ma 'ofa atu 'aupito. Kara & Vo.

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