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Lalokalosipani: Hiko & Pele Wedding

Malo e lelei everyone and hope that everything is going well wherever you are. Us here at the Lalo Kalosipani are doing well. The three Fale'aisi muskateers are all mo'ui lelei pe. Clare is busy as usual with her community while Maliana is really digging in with her beads of rosaries for us all. At the same time, Lotiola is still focusing on her spiritual life with the ngatu and all. Tiana and Nadi and kids are doing well and still making sure that Maliana's meal is not so late. Fifita is still serious with her day care responsibility at the Kindy at the Basilica in town.

The highlight of our news for this time is that the wedding bell had been ringing at the Lalo Kalosipani yesterday, (Thursday 9th June). It is our News Top Reporter himself who had finally got married to Ms. Pelenatita Pome'e of Makave, Vava'u (first cousin of Loviani). Though the Groom is still staying at the Vaiola Hospital hotel under the care of the Minister of Health, he and the bride were willing to get their knots tied before the bride had second thoughts he lahi fau 'a 'ene tauhi mahaki. Right now, Tonga cannot do anything further about his condition, but only to monitor his situation while awaiting the arrival of overseas speciallists for further treatment (possibility of removing the left kidney is very high). He once told me that the specialist from overseas wanted the doctor here in Tonga to do some tests on him. The doctor came and took some speciments from him to be tested and only to find out that it couldn't be done locally. The tube for the drainage of the puss from his kidney is still a part of his body. Anyway, he is happy now that he finally gets his girl tied to him and still going to work and always back to the hospital everyday as it is now his home.

In our village, we are really busy now preparing our choirs for the 'Api-Fo'ou ex-students' singing competition which will be held on the first weekend of next month. We are now preparing two groups, the mixed choral (hiva tuifio tangata mo fefine) and the male only voice group. The male voice group is not so good, I think the boys don't like learning the song in musical notes. We just finished learning the whole song two days ago but it is not a long one. Kuo laka ange 'a e fihi ia 'a e nota tu'u lo faa, he maasi 'oku fa'a hiva 'e Matahau. Yet we still try our best na'a pehe 'e he composer (Namea Folau) that we won't be able to sing his song. Ko e ngaahi uike katoanga kai 'otai ia 'a e fakafono ki he hiva, mo e inu kava pahia 'a e kau faikava he vahe 'o e fakakava.

Matahau village's new bus as I have heard had arrived and is still at the wharf. The 'ofisakolo is now trying to get the bus out of the wharf kae feinga a ke lele ke ngaue'aki by the villagers as right now no bus is coming through our village. I think that's about all for now, and may God bless you all. Mau 'ofa atu from the Lalo Kalosipani

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