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Buy This Book and We Will Get Paid

OK guys, here's the deal. From now on, whenever someone buys a copy of this book, the author (uncle Vo) will donate 50% of the royalties to We still don't know how much we will get but it's worth a try, don't you think?

HERE'S THE BOOK'S SUMMARY ON THE BACKCOVER: Over the past fifty years, studies pertaining to the reality of the church in the Apocalypse have, for the most part, tended to be either selective or sketchy in their treatment of the relevant material of the book. Yet in all fairness to the seer of Patmos, his portrayal of the church as a reality decidedly complex and at once profound can only be attained in a thoroughgoing study of the principal ecclesial narratives of his work, so as to allow for that indispensable 'synoptic' overview of such intentionally correlated material. Woman, Mother and Bride is such a study. It re-examines the relevant imagery of the Apocalypse but from the perspective of the seer's ecclesial 'thought-world' and on the basis of his overriding pastoral concerns for the 'seven churches' without which his work will continue to puzzle and trouble at every page. The ensuing outlook on the church is panoramic in its scope yet compelling in its appeal which further goes to confirm the Apocalypse as one of the most significant theological achievements of early Christianity. HERE ARE THE FIRST FEW LINES FROM A BOOK REVIEW ON AMAZON.COM: This book is a publication of a Ph.D dissertation under the guidance of Professor Adelbert Denaux, which was defended in June 2005 at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. The author of the book, Felise Tavo, was born in the Pacific Islands. According to the preface, written by Tavo in the Kingdom of Tonga, this Ph.D is the continuation of his licentiate (Master's) thesis, which tried to identify the long disputed figure of the 'Woman Clothed with the Sun' in Revelation 12. During his work on the licentiate thesis, Tavo came to the conclusion that a more comprehensive understanding of the ecclesiology of the entire Apocalypse is the only key to identifying the 'woman clothed with the sun'. However, Tavo deliberately avoids applying the term 'ecclesiology' to the last book of the New Testament, as it might mislead the reader by insinuating yet another systematic description of ecclesial concepts, what can hardly indeed be applied to the Apocalypse. Tavo uses the expression 'ecclesial notions' instead. In spite of the fact that the term 'notions' might at first seem fragmentary, the sum of those ideas, as presented in Tavo's book, gives a clear, wholesome and panoramic, perception of ecclesial reality, reflected in each excerpt from the Apocalypse studied by the author. HERE'S WHERE YOU CAN BUY IT AND THE ADVERTISED PRICE IN USD: Barnes & Noble $97.09 Ebay $101.84 $114.00 Blackwell's $117.49 Alibris $119.52 OK, we know it's not the cheapest book around but think of it this way - it's for a good cause, right? Besides, our website could do with any financial help right now. Someone has to pay the bills! lol. Take good care and 'ofa atu everyone.

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