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St John's Update from Fr. 'Ekuasi

Bula vinaka & greetings from the Old Capital! I know it's been a while since my last update from the school but I'm grateful at the same time that a good number of our regular correspondents remain faithful to our website. We are well beyond the halfway mark already for this academic year which means that the remaining time will just fly by! All is well here at the school and we are kept busy by the normal activities of this Term which is rugby, netball, and hockey.

Talking of rugby and netball, surely the Kiwis are still licking their wounds from the dual blow of last weekend. All the credit to the Aussies for winning the Super 15 final and of course the Diamonds for snatching the winning goal in the dying minute of the netball final.

The million dollar question is: "Is this a prelude & foretaste of what will happen in the final of the World Cup ????????" Only time will tell! In hindsight, this may be a blessing in disguise for NZ as they need to iron out a few key areas before the big event. Again, only time will tell.

Some local news from Fiji: 'Unaloto is settling in well to his new Parish in Suva. I was in Suva for the procession of Corpus Christi right through town. And guess who was sitting on the motor-gate like the Pope when he visited Fiji, it was our very own 'Unaloto! We all walked while he accompanied the Blessed Host, and perhaps he should have been walking too because his size from Samoa is still intact!!!

I got a surprise call from Hiko when he arrived in Nadi for the Regional superiors meeting. This time his itinerary was tight so he wasn't able to visit us. Anyway he sounded well and he left today back to Samoa. I suppose the hot topic in Matahau is still the win in the singng competition. I'm just putting together the pieces from different sources. I thought it was the 'fkmaau' that helped Matahau win the event. I'm reliably informed that it was the 'faihiva & conductor' that won the event for Matahau!!! The panel of judges were mersmerized by her moves and didn't notice the off beat of the kauhva!! Ko hono 'ai ia 'Ana! Na'a pehe 'ehe kau mamata ne mau pehe kuo si'i malolo atu e fine'eiki mei Matahau ne fa'a futefute he ngaahi katoanga pehe ni ka 'oku hange 'oku kei mo'ui pe! I notice that all the preparations for the Reunion are in place and ready to roll. However, I just hope that the number turning up will do justice to the hard work and commitment of the Reunion Team. Don't worry about the prayer side of things as the strong and innocent voices of our students will offer prayers for the success of the reunion. That will be all for now, so 'ofa lahi atu, 'Ekuasi

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