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Viva Australia!

Malo e lelei famili. Mou fefe hake? I've just been watching TV and just had to write this up, lol! I do not mean the thumping of the Springboks by the Wallabies yesterday in Sydney. I mean the winning by Cadel Evans of Australia this year's "Tour de France" - the toughest bicycle race of the year and one considered by most to be the toughest sport in the world, covering 3-4 thousand kilometers in three weeks through terrains that include very high mountains and dangerous valleys and plateaus. The race is not over yet, it will conclude tomorrow at the famous boulevard of Champs Elysee in Paris but normally tomorrow's stage of the race is more like the parading of the champion before the adoring French crowd in Paris and the singing of "Advance Australia Fair" in honor of the champion. I'm looking forward to it. Cadel Evans is in red to the right. All here agree that he's a deserved winner. Boy, he was tough as an Aussie!

Well, I'm not sure if people in Australia are aware of Cadel Evan's achievement, the first time ever for someone from outside Europe and USA (remember Lance Armstrong?) to win the Tour de France, but in Europe at the moment, this is a big big deal, for cycling here is a bit like ice hockey for Stan and the Canadians. You see, most people in this small village where I live find it hard to figure out "Tonga" so they all consider me "the guy from around Australia" because they know where Australia is. So someone has already rung to congratulate me for Cadel Evans' victory! lol. Toki mo'oni leva 'etau paloveape faka-Tonga: "Kehenga 'a Tonga lahi na'e fie folaua kae kitenoa ai si'i motu ko 'Eua". he he!

Another shot from the race. Cadel left Australia at 16 for Europe to cycle. He's married to an Italian and lives there

I know most of you are busy thinking about or getting ready for our reunion in Bundaberg but as the French would say, Vive l'Australie! Congratulations to Cadel and to every kangaroo out there! Do take and 'ofa atu to you all.

"The guy from around Australia", Uncle Vo

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