• Uncle Napa

Update from Our Bundaberg Reunion

To all members of the family, With the arrival of Toni, Seini, Mele and Clare yesterday, it brought great joy to us. We had our rosary as normal in this home...not to mention the welcoming food.....'ufi, 'ota and BBQ.... not forgeting the topai. Today we will start the family reunion with the opening mass at the church. The community will participate in the mass and the celebrations after. Eventhough we are not in big numbers but we are happy to be here to celebrate life and fulfill the plan put together by the Australian group, Nesi, Mele and Tia. The atmosphere in the group is great and we are looking forward for all the fun and getting to know one another better. Thanks to the preparations done by Kuti, Tita and the family. The weather is nice too...can be cold in the night but we begin the day with the beautiful sunshine. This family has put together their time and energy for us to feel at home in Bundaberg. Thanks for all the prayers and we know that you are with us in mind and spirit. So sorry that you will all miss the chance to celebrate life with us in our family reunion but I will try my best to keep you people updated with what happens each day of the reunion. 'Oku mau 'ofa lahi atu ki he taha kotoa he famili pea moe hufaki mei Bundaberg, Australia Kole kemou manatua si'i famili 'o Kuti he mole atu koia si'i 'Alusa 'i Nu'usila. Mou nofo a. Napa.

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