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Latest from Fatai & 'Ekuasi Reunion 2011

TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY, Before I'll get to the news, I want to thank you all on behalf of those who were here for the reunion, our sincere thanks for the support and prayers during this very special time. We knew that you were all with us during the reunion.

We have to salute our organising team, Tia, Mele, Nesi, for all the hard work to make our family reunion 2011 a special one. They have shown, 2nd generations, that they have the leadership qualities to lead us in such gathering. GO THE SECOND GENERATIONS!!!!!

Apologise for not reporting the news about our reunion during the past three days. It was because we did not want the technology to disturb us. We wanted to put everything, time and persons into the activities that had been organised by the team. Tia will send you all the photos Tavo......for you are speak louder than the words.

THE BUCCA RETREAT CAMP - Thanks to the team for choosing such a wonderful place for the reunion. Away from everything and it was just for us, the family. The service and food were fantastic....took away the worries that bothered us always in our past reunions. We rested well, participated all in all the activities organised. We had quality time together...especially the younger play, relate and know each other in a different way. It is something worth continued for it was more relaxing and full of fun for everyone.

FRIDAY - it was the first day of the reunion. We visited some very interesting places in Bundaberg before heading to the camp. There was enough time for interacting among everyone. Seini Rea was still struggling with her sickness she came with from NZ. It was very encouraging to see her being there for us eventhough she was really sick. As Toni said, their participation in the reunion was in doubt the night before for she was very sick. She kept taking panadols and thank God she was able to travel the following day. Thats the kind of heart we need in the family when we know the importance of something for the future of our children and grandchildren. Late in the afternoon, we arrrived at the Bucca camp and settled ourselves down before the evening meal. Just to mention that after our opening mass and the social nite, Clare jr. left us for her work.

SATURDAY - The second day was the reunion's Olympic day. was a day filled with so much fun and thanks to the team again. We were divided into 4 groups....FATAI, 'EKUASI, MAHE, TAVO. The amazing part of it was the participation....from the youngest to the oldest. Their was lova walker between Seini jr's son, Tamihana and Nesi's son, Taniela. These two brought the joy of the day to everyone, they haven't reach a year old yet. Apart from all the fun, the family that served us during the reunion, prepared tasty and enough food for everyone always. It was like that whole world was there during the activities. On this day we farewelled Robert Rea early in the morning and in the night we farewelled 'Etu and his kids before midnight. It was sad to see them leaving but it did not affect the spirit of the reunion.

SUNDAY - We woke up to a more relaxing day....trying to recover from all the activites and fun on the day before. We started in a slow pace and had more time for thee sharing and deepening the memories of Fatai and 'Ekuasi. The mass of the day went very very well with the help of our wonderful choir. In the night we had the Bon Fire, the closing ceremony of the family reunion and the sing along. There was the feeling that everyone enjoyed the gift of each other. The sadness of saying goodbyes and there was the great hope and looking forward for our next family reunion. Everyone wants this Fatai'Ekuasi family reunion to continue after the rich and quality experiences they've encountered during these few days. We read out all the emails that was sent to the reunion by some of you guys during the bon fire time.

MONDAY - It was our final breakfast in the camp. Saying goodbyes was tough. Everyone was so positive about the future. I think this was the good and positive sign. I continue to thank the organising team for great work to make the reunion ran smoothly for everyone. We left the place not tired but with great joy as a family. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kuti, Tita and family for all their sacrifices to make our family reunion possible. Thanks to Toni, Seini and family, 'Etu and family, Folau, Siaosi, Sisi and family....for making the efforts to be there for this beautiful occasion.

You may see, the reunion went very very well. Thanks to each member of the family for the prayers. We felt that during the gathering even though you were not here with us. Thanks for the good wishes and support. Well we planned but it is someone else to fulfill. The future is looking bright and hopeful for our next FATAI-'EKUASI family reunion.

'Oku mau 'ofa lahi atu moe hufaki.

ps....Tia will send you all the photos of the reunion in our website.

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