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Hello from Antonio Kaufusi

Before i start, i just like to acknowledge the man up stairs for his love and guidance that i can come on and communicate with all our family here on this website! My name is Atu, the oldest son of Tita and Kuti. A big hello to all the family out there, i probably been slack in the sense i have not really taken the time to come on here and write anything! but only come on and browse and look through photo's, but today is a great start! I like to apologise first for not making it to the reunion due to work committments, knowing it was in Australia made it even harder because i was soo close!!!, but i sent my eldest daughter Pelenatita Jr to represent my little family, that she may learn more of our roots, and more importantly My grandparents Fatai and Ekuasi. I want to give a big thank you to my family there in Bundaberg mum, dad and the rest of my siblings for all the organisation especially you Tia for all your hard work. I know when it was decided by the first generation from the last reunion that it was going to be in Australia, i know mum and dad were a bit frightened by the task in hand but that soon disapeared when all you have to remember is the two names 'Fatai and Ekuasi' that alone made everything seem easy!!! One thing that Nesi told me that happened at the reunion was the chanting of the teams and later mum spoke and said how just hearing everyone in their own teams chanting and yelling out those names 'Fatai', 'Ekuasi','Mahe' and 'Tavo', that it was awesome to hear those names again and she didn't care if she lost her voice! and that hit home to me even though i was not there and I'm sure our grandparents would have been soo proud of everyone!! I just wanted to add my last memories of grandma Fatai, i still remember her staying with us in N.Z and how she loved to play cards and she was always up early to do some form of exercise or just going for a walk she never like to sit down that long always active, she also loved singing and still remember her listening to D Tavos songs! On that note i say good bye and hope to catch up and talk to all the family on the website, and looking forward to the FATAI & EKUASI REUNION 2013.

'Ofa lahi atu,

'Atu si'i

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