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  • Analena Manu Taai

'Apifo'ou is Tonga Schools' Rugby Champ

Delivering from the Lalokalosipani is Tons of CONGRATULATIONS to the participants of the Reunion in Bundy. Thank you so much for being there to fulfill a plan which was set up by us though nevertheless made possible by God Almighty. Huge BRAVO! to the organising team for the tireless efforts that you've put in to make this Reunion successful. Way to Go to the team. You are now qualified to be in the organising team for the next Reunion in land of the Kiwis. Just a catch up news from the Lalokalosipani. The three Fale'aisis are doing good so far. Nau fu'u mo'ui lelei 'aupito he lahi 'a e kai e ngaahi lau'i 'akau kehekehe 'o e fonua, he kuo ma'ui'ui lelei 'a e fonua he lahilahi 'a e tapuaki kuo to ki he funga 'o e fonua. Ne mau toki situ'a atu eni mei he ngaahi fatongia lalahi ne hoko 'i he siasi. A week ago, the Diocesan Priests of Tonga, Samoa and Fiji held their Conference here in Tonga. So each Parish had to feed them on allocated days. We (Hihifo Parish) had our turn on a Saturday which was held at Good Samaritan Beach. The food was huge, and gifts which was made by the top handicraft genius, the third Fale'aisi, Lotiola, were presented to the visiting priests and there were about 40 of them. These were small tapas with the Sacred Heart as the design. Sr. Clare's congregation also held their fundraising concert on the Thursday during the Priests' conference. They did the feeding of this evening and with their concert being inserted as part of the entertainment of the meal.To atu 'enau palani, ke ma'u'i ai e kau 'a'ahi mo e kau faifekau, and it was a huge success which doubled their target as they collected about $26,000. The Rugby Union's season has just finished including the inter-collegiate ones. Since this is 'Apifo'ou's jubilee year, obviously trying tremendously in "ANY WAY" to win the First 15 Rugby Union Competition. Indeed they snatched the shield on their final against Tonga College on a very teeth to teeth match with the score of 10 to 9. Consequently, just after the match, Tonga College Boys started beating up 'Apifo'ou students regardless of their gender. After a week of 'Atele students beating up AFC students, they gave up cos all AFC students did were making sure their feet hit the fastest they could away from them. Just on the following Saturday, after the success of AFC first 15, the final of the Rugby Union which was between Marist and Toloa Old Boys. Marist just made it on the last minute making a difference between the two teams with a drop kick by their first five eight. So, on Tuesday after the Public Holiday of the King, AFC had another holiday celebrating their successes in sports, in athletics, soccer, netball and rugby. This was together with all the humungous successes made by the Marists' netball, soccer, and rugby. So we had a KAIPOLA lahi at the school's hall with the presentations of prizes to all the winning teams. The Rugby League season is on. Stormers team from Ngalukilo is in and so far they had won all their matches. Hopefully they will make it again to the final. Ne toki 'osi atu e putu 'e taha he kolo, Lose's (Fanguna and Fina's daughter) 6 months old baby. She had pneumonia. For those who know Fangupo, he passed away this past weekend and his funeral will soon be taking place at Kolovai. Another relative of us at Longoteme, Moana 'Anasi, also passed away and still waiting for his children to come from abroad especially for her daughter who is in Germany. Now we are awaiting for the arrival of the rep from PERU. We are pretty sure 'e hange ko e lau 'a e kauleka, "'E ha'u mo 'emau me'a lelei." Ko e topai eni 'e talitali atu. That's all for now, and 'ofa lahi atu mo e hufaki lahi faufaua to every member of the family wherever you are.

From us at the Lalo Kalosipani, Analena

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