• Teleita Alusa

Congratulations to Sione & Lota 'Alusa

Hi there, this is Teleita; Seletute and Kapeni's daughter. I'm just writing on behalf of my mother to make a super late announcement of their son's marriage this year. My brother Sione Ma'ake Alusa and Lota (Wolfgramm) Alusa got married and sealed for time and eternity at the Oakland California LDS Temple on June 25th this year. Big thanks to my mom's side of the family who came out to support him: Puluno's Soane & Alekisio with his son, Cylus; Siuni & Elini, Keisi & Fulilangi, Soana & her daughter Analena, Tilisa, Ti & Latu Tavo, and Sione Moa & his wife (sorry I forgot her name).Thank you all for coming out to support his special day especially considering that he was not raised with us. For those who would like to know more about him, I will do my best to give you a briefing about him. My brother Sione is adopted to my Dad's oldest brother, Sione Ma'ake Alusa Sr. and was mostly raised by my Dad's side of the family. He always excelled in his academics all through out school most of his life. Sione and I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the same time and close by each other. He served in the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Mission while I served in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission. So, we both speak fluent Spanish, but he has more advantage than me. He speaks Spanish AND Tongan fluently due to his upbringing of his uncle and my grandmother, Salote. I'm so jealous! He attended Cal State University in Hayward, California and recieved his Bachelors Degree in Biology Science. His goal is to become a doctor someday so, he'll be in school for awhile for that. Other than that, Sione possesses an emphathic, humble, loving, friendly, and easy-going personality just like my Dad and the rest of my Dad's family. I'm very happy and grateful for my Dad's family to have raised and brought him up well. Even though he was raised apart from us, he most definitely inherits Tavo traits that are undeniable because he is very passionate with everything and anything he puts his mind to accomplish. He goes all the way with it until it is accomplished no matter how hard or long it may take. This is a Tavo trait I see in ALL my aunties including my mother. So, congratulations Sione and Lota on starting a new life together!!!

Sorry, I tried to post up pics from Facebook but they came out blank. Just friend request me on Facebook to see pictures of his wedding day. Thanks and have a good night, Tavo family!!! Ofa atu, Teleita

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