• Tia Kaufusi

Hello from Townsville, Australia

Hello Family,

It's been awhile, but thought I would come in and say hello. I hope this message finds you all in good health.

Well most of you don't know but I have moved to Townsville, up North Queensland. The weather is beautiful and hot and sometimes humid but I guess that just adds to the beauty of Townsville, I am hoping I don't turn any more darker shades of brown-black lol.

Well Felise n Patrick are doing good. Patrick is visiting Bundaberg for his school holidays and is joined by Atu, Bree, Khloe and Pelenatita Jnr.

As for Felise, he is working and playing Rugby League for Under 20's Cowboys.

Felise and the team have made it to the Finals and will be playing on Sunday - Curtain Raiser for the NRL Grand Final against The New Zealand Warriors and Manly Sea Eagles. Felise's team take on The Warriors Under 20s Team.

This is an achievement in itself as this is the first time the Under 20's Cowboys have made it to the Grand Finals. Sorry Uncle Toni and all the New Zealand supporters, but we want an upset and hopefully the Cowboys can pull it off lol...

Please keep Felise and the team in your prayers.

Well, that is all the news from Townsville, ofa lahi atu famili.

Lotiola Jnr, Felise n Patrick.


PS - Just a reminder to remember the upcoming Fatai & Ekuasi Family Reunion 2013 in New Zealand. Looking forward to it and hopefully see you all there.

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