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St John's College Update

Bula vinaka & greetings to you all! I know for sure you are wondering what is going on here as I haven't been active as far as our website is concerned. Well you should know that we are in a recovery mode after our dismal performance at the Rugby World Cup!! I honestly salute all of you who are committed to keeping the site alive and attractive with your creative, pictures, ideas and news from your respective places. Congratulations to Maliana Sisifa Jr on your christening! We are united with Manoa & Lovi, the looks of joy and pride written on their faces!

Masses have been offered for the sick in the family: Faleola, Hiko Jr, Lotiola (recently but is okay now), Falakesi, etc.

You may see the pictures that I've sent across to Manoa to paste onto the website. Our boarders found a dolphin on our beach. The poor thing was injured and sought refuge at our beach in Cawaci. The story was highlighted on the local Newspaper praising our students for saving the fish. She was about 2 metres long and it took about 20 students to carry her as we try and put her back into deep waters. The fun part to the story is that the students even prayed over the fish! They hugged her and even cried when she was taken to the deep sea. I was so proud of our students as they displayed care and respect for nature and her creatures. Our focus at this time is exams so keep us in your prayers. Ni sa moce & 'ofa lahi atu, 'Ekuasi

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