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Tavo to Lead Australia

Well, this internet headline also caught our attention for obvious reason! Her name is Rebecca Tavo, the newly installed captain of the Australian Women Rubgy Sevens Team or as they call themselves, the "Aussie Pearls". Last week, they thrashed our Matahau-led Tonga Women Sevens Team 53-0 in the final in Queensland. Rebecca is apparently no long-lost family of ours in spite of her familiar name. Her father came to Australia from a small island called Rotuma in Fiji and ended up marrying an Australian and settled in Western Australia. Now we know there are Tavo's in Rotuma. Believe it or not, Rebecca used to work as a train driver even though she now dedicates herself full time to rugby. Family or not, good luck to her on her new role as captain and go the Australian Pearls!

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