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It's all over

Greetings everybody, Yesterday was our prize giving ceremony and thats the end of this academic year. There were 64 students in our form 6 or year 13. Some of them, we started together in 2008. Our dux hailed form Nukunuku on her mother's side from fa'ahinga 'o Penisini, Malua and family. For four years now, the dux is always from the arts and not from science or commerce. Some complain that it is not fair. The teacher of art is simpy too good! lol or perhaps the dvd's Tavo sent to help in the teaching. I am just trying to tidy up some works in my office now and later on the first week of December I will fly to NZ and have break there for one week before going home for Xmas. The family in Samoa are well and I hope the same goes to all of you whereever you are. Thanks Manoa for the photos of the newly baptised Maliana. She's cute and smiles a lot. I wonder what she's is up to. That's it folks. Thanks for keeping us informed of what is happening out there. May God bless you all. 'Ofa atu, Hiko.

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