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Edward & Lenora Tavo's Wedding

(originally posted on 23 December 2011)

Hey family, This is Fatai. My dad had asked that I report on Napa sii's wedding. Edward Palenapa's wedding was this past weekend on Dec 16th & 17th here in Salt Lake City. Just a quick background on the couple, Lenora Nauahi is originally from Laie, Hawaii. Her family currently resides there. She is of Hawaiian descent. They met at Snow college located in Ephraim, Utah. Lenora was on the school's volleyball team. Napa played on the school's rugby team. They started dating their last year there. Napa has found his match. Napa and Nora are pretty much alike: shy and quiet.

Friday, Dec. 16th: They were married in the Salt Lake City LDS temple that morning. It was really cold as we all took pictures outside. There were a lot of Lenora's family that were in attendance. In attendance from the Tavo side was my immediate family, Siuni and husband Elini, Little Vise and her mother in law Sisilia, the daughters of Simiki Tupou and their husbands, Taniela Maile and wife Makalesi (relative of Grandma Fatai from 'Ahau), and Linda and Sione Mahe. After that, we all headed to Chuck-A-Rama restaurant for lunch. They had a dance later on that evening at the LDS chapel in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun. Taniela Faulao was the MC. Nora and Napa were dressed in the vala fakatonga. They looked very beautiful. Lenora's maternal grandmother is palangi so there were a lot of palangi people there. Lenora's family definitely enjoyed the dance, dancing to all the tongan jams! It was a lot of fun.

Saturday, Dec. 17th: The reception was a success. The beautiful decorations were done by Filimi's granddaughter Mele Lilo Kinikini. Because she's amazing, she's decorated a lot of weddings here in Utah, including mine. The wedding line was announced by yours truly and Tony Uesi. The entertainment was great. We had Vake's children and grandkids do some polynesian numbers during the dinner service. We even had Elvis, all the way from Matahau, come perform for us. It was a hit! lol. Nora's family did a great job with their performances. The cake ceremony and gift presentation for Napa's fahu was announced for Maliana Sisifa Manu. Even though she could not make it, her name was honored and the gifts were accepted by Vise on her behalf. Vise and Visilia were behind the scenes, cooking and serving the food. Vake was the one sitting by Napa in the front table. Nora's family are great. She comes from a big family. We saw how close they were throughout the whole wedding.

We are so thankful to our Tavo family who helped and supported this wedding. We're very thankful for Vise, Vake, and Visilia and their families. They all helped make the wedding a success. This is our report for the wedding.

Ofa Atu, Fatai

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