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Visiting with 'Atu and Family in London

Malo e lelei famili. Last Sunday, Kara and I were indeed privileged to visit with 'Atu, Bree, Pele and Khloe in London. Even more so to watch 'Atu and his London Broncos battle it out with the Huddersfield Giants. The Broncos went down in the end but it was the performance of 'Atu himself that is worth highlighting here - a "man of the match" performance with two tries and a magnificent shoulder charge on his opposite number (someone that's even bigger than him) which brought the home crowd to their feet - though all to Kara's confusion who asked me: "why are people cheering when someone's half-dead on the ground?" Welcome to rugby! lol. Anyway, it was really cool for both of us to catch up with 'Atu, Bree and the kids. But enough with the bla bla. I have uploaded more photos to the gallery but here are a few worth annotating here: Kara on the London train to Surbiton where 'Atu and family live. I spent the entire trip explaining to her the rules of the game only for her to tell me at the end - "It's just like football". She is however very thankful that league is not played in Belgium.

'Atu's biggest fan - daughter Pele and her two friends. Believe me, they were only 3 but it sounded more like a crowd!

The camera man was much too excited when 'Atu scored that he forgot to click the blumen thing. You may make out 'Atu walking back - this is right after having scored his first try underneath the post. He's now the Broncos' enforcer in chief.

Bree, 'Atu and me at the clubhouse after the game where he was awarded the prize for "man of the match".

The spoils of battle - 'Atu's "man of the match" prize: a bottle of champagne and a London Broncos tee-shirt which he gave uncle to take home to Belgium! As the bottle cannot be taken on the plane, Kara and I will have to finish it this evening before flying back to Belgium tomorrow. Any volunteer? lol. 'Ofa atu to you all from all your families here in Europe.

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