• Fr Ekuasi

Our Website's 3rd Anniversary

Dear A-Team, Hearty congratulations on the 3rd Anniversary of the family's website! This is a fitting time to acknowledge all your hard-works to ensure that the site continues to serve its multi-purpose. First and foremost, to keep the family up to date with what is happening in their respective places of operation. It simply means to keep the family connected. On that score you guys deserve a million thank-yous for maintaining a high standard in managing the website. Similarly, this is also an ideal opportunity to reflect on how the website can be enhanced or to maximize its full potential. Apparently, the interests and enthusiasm of families and individuals in this past year or so have declined unfortunately. Hence, the obvious question, "How can we improve on this?" This is my humble observation: a) It seems that the ones who are living in far and isolated areas appear to be the regulars in terms of news, comments, photos, etc. b) The site is becoming too 'public' no longer restricted to the family circle. At times there are some sensitive issues, events, etc that happen within the family and thus entails reluctance either to publish or make comments. As a result the sense of privacy and even family is diminishing. c) Logging ins & outs either to browse or contribute, one seems to lose that element of 'personal touch' different from when you receive a personal email from a family member. d) Some of us lack the skills of presenting us in public which is different from that at home or any other situation. This results in people making insensitive remarks and comments showing disrespect to others. What can we do about this? a) We all need to dialogue and find ways to cope with these issues. My fear is if we don't act now a 'natural death' is not so far away. In these past few weeks and months there have been very few entries, articles, photos, etc. Our photo gallery will simply turn into an archive! I may be wrong of course in my humble views but for what its worth we need to reflect, re-think (plan), and respond (action). Once again, Happy 3rd Anniversary to you all! 'Ekuasi

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