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Update & Suggestions

Hello family! I am one who is guilty of frequently visiting the site without posting anything. I like to check out the family news and see how everyone is doing when I know I should be sharing more of my own news. I need to repent of that! My little family is doing good. My husband and I went back to school. My daughter Isa will be one in May. She's such a handful, but loads of fun! We're at that point where we're trying to have her walk. She walks on her own when she's holding on to something, but always falls on her bum when we try to have her walk on her own. Is there any tips from any parents on helping a child walk? I'd really appreciate it!

I wanted to post a suggestion for the website. I'm very interested in family history right now and have been trying to learn more about our ancestors. I know most of our history is oral, but I wish we could have more of it documented. My suggestion is for the "TREE" link, if we can expand our family tree and go beyond what we have. We can have a section for stories of certain ancestors anyone who'd want to share. I've been particularly interested in our family relatives from Fiji and Samoa and from wherever they're from. I feel that my generation needs to be educated in this in order to preserve the legacy of our forefathers. My desire to know these things are stronger now that I'm a mother because I want to share my family history with my children.

Thank you for keeping this website up. Even though I'm on facebook a lot, I still check this family website often. I will try better to actively participate here.

I love you all and hope all is well! Fatai Tavo Nau

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