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  • Sr Clare Tavo

To Mika with Love from Lalokalosipani

"I bow my knees before the Father, from whom every family in Heaven, and on earth takes its name." (Eph. 3:14-15) To Vake & Maikeli, sons and daughters and grandchildren. To you our dearest Mika & family. "GREETINGS TO YOU ALL"

This message comes straight to you all from "'Api ko 'Ofa Faitonunga", from Matahau Tonga, from Maliana, Sr. Clare, Lotiola and all your first cousins and relatives in TONGA. We have read the news of Mika in the family website. Thank you for revealing to us about your worries - about your needs because of Mika's situation. From us here in Tonga - you know that the only thing we can offer you Mika is our prayers though weak at times. We are with the Apostles of Jesus when Peter said, "We have no gold or silver to give you but all we can offer you is the power of Jesus' healing hands to be upon you Mika and we beg you please, be strong. Have no fear - Jesus will cure you. Mika, we love you. Place your trust in Jesus, the only Doctor. Be strong. Vake and Maikeli, 'oku mau 'ofa atu ki si'omo mata, he taimi faingata'a ko eni 'oku mou si'i lonuku ai. Ka 'oku mau tekake hake mo e falala atu he ko moua, ko e tamai mo e fa'e lotu mo 'ofa, pea 'oku mau lotu atu mo e mohu 'amanaki 'e fai mana e 'Eiki toetu'u 'i he faingata'a 'oku mou si'i tofanga ai. Ko 'emau 'ofa ki si'i Mika, ko e lotu atu ke faimana e 'Eiki toetu'u 'i he fiema'u 'oku totonu ke ma'u kae lava ke fai si'i faito'o 'o Mika. Mo loto lahi he te mo 'ohovale he me'a 'e fai 'e he 'Eiki 'ofa. Vake, please send us your phone number in the family website. We can't wait to have your phone number so that we can communicate with each other. We are fine. Still have to think of Maliana - the poor thing. She is by herself at home. She loves to hear from you sometimes. All of you are dead "SILENT". We miss you all. We love you.We pray for you. That's all we can do from Tonga. We love you all, from Maliana, Sr. Clare, Lotiola mo e famili hono kotoa.

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