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Blessed & Happy Mother's Day

To all the wonderful Mums in the family,

Have a blessed & happy Mother's Day!

Whenever I think of Mother's Day the lovely, active, sometimes sleepy yet smiling face of grandma Fatai comes alive again!! I remember vividly one mother's day when we decided to wake up very early to do the 'umu so to give Fatai a break. We woke up around 5 am, tiptoed out to peito with excitement only to find out that the 'umu has been done!

Fatai must have suspected that there was some secret planning going on. Naive as we were, all of us were told to go to bed early which was really strange for her. Well, what can we say, It was a good intention but defeated unfortunately! That is something for the younger ones to know that at her prime Fatai didn't want any of us to help her with the 'umu. She would prefer that we wake up and get ready for Mass.

One thing that we can all be proud of, all the mothers in the family today have some replica of grandma Fatai, whether it's singing, cooking, dancing, occasional swearing, hard-working, laughing, standing & fanning during choir competition, etc etc!!!

Please rest assured that all of you, the Mums in the family, will be remembered very fondly in the celebration of the Eucharist this Sunday.

Once again, have a BLESSED & HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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