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Lalokalosipani News (17 May 2012)

Greetings to all of you famili out there, I know it had been a while now since the last time a news from our side has been posted. We do not have any excuses but just a huge FAKAMOLEMOLE to you all. There had been quite a few incidents at the Lalo Kalosipani and our village. First of all, before the Feast Day of Sangato Sosefo 'o e Tangata Ngaue, Matahau, our very own kainga 'ofa from the Land of the Long White Cloud, led by Holo ki Ha'a Havea Lahi himself, donated in cash for the new paintings of the church and the hall. The last donation arrived two weeks prior to the Feast Day, so the Pulengaue (Lotelika Ta'ai) and the men waste no time, but to make sure that the work is done before the Katoanga 'Ofa, and it was very successful. So, on behalf of the Catechist, Pulengaue and the rest of the community, I would like to give a huge FAKAMALO LAHI 'AUPITO to you Toni, and the rest of our villagers residing in Auckland for the big 'ofa. Without it, we don't know when will the church and hall be re-painted. Again, before the Katoanga 'Ofa, the Little Family of Moreno Valley (Manoa, Loviani and Maliana IV) made sure that they arrived Matahau on Maliana IV's 1st birthday and they did. They even arrived before our Tuesday Mass on that very evening, and a Mass was offered for the little darling. What a joyous day for the two Malianas. On that Saturday, a feast was prepared by Manoa and Loviani to mark their daughter's 1st birthday at the Lalo Kalosipani. Loviani's aunty's and relatives were even there. On the day of the Katoanga 'Ofa, na'e 'ikai ke toe tuku ha ivi 'a e ki'i komunio he feinga ke fakaha their appreciation to God's love for the past year. Though there was no toutu'u fakasiasi, but every family tried their best to get something for the day. Consequently, we ended up with a variety of their harvest, Whether be a harvest from their plantation, or someone elses's or even harvesting from the market is all the same. Last week, the oldest man of the village (Semisi Lisiate) finally passed away. On that day, the members of the Visesio Paulo, leading by our very own, Fifita, were there cleaning up his house. It was then, Semisi passed away. I don't know whether the Visesio Paulo gang were there to help him, or making sure that they don't have to go back there (lols!!!). It was Fifita and boyfriend who accompanied Semisi to the hospital and be there until he was prepared for the mortuary. Semisi Lisiate finally laid to his eternal rest yesterday. Lastly, a viral epidemic is now in the Kingdom, and had affected members of our family. First of all was Sr. Clare on the Mother's Day, which she could't stay 'till the end of Mass, and now Maliana is joining her. Hope they will get well very soon. Feli lahi is also another patient as soon as she got back to 'Apifo'ou and now feeling better when Faleola rang her up when she was awaken from her final surgery. Ko ia ai 'oku 'oatu 'a e fakamalo lahi kia kimoutolu kotoa pe ne mou manatua 'a Faleola 'i he ngaahi faito'o na'a ne foua, and her final surgery was done on Tuesday, and now on recovery. May we continue praying for these sick people, including Mika and hope they will be well soon. That's all for now, and may God bless you all. And Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in Tonga.

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