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Hello Family

Hello Famili, how have you all been? Welllllllll i hope i'm not barging in or something, i just wanna stop by and say hello to you folks and hope that your day is treating you all well or less worst then the day before. Ok, well i know i've been missing out alot, so the reason why i apologize for that matter. I can't remember if i've ever thank you all for remembering me last year during those long months in the hospital with the kidney removal thing. Well i'm doing ok, and counting my blessing, and my days and see how far this solo kidney thing is taking me. For your information, i have decided to quit alcohol (and i've never smoke) and alot of socialising, since i worry being in a big crowd, that somebody might accidentally hit the right side of my back, where the remaining kidney is at. Doctor told me to becareful watch out on that. But given the whole experience last year, i gotta tell ya i've thought alot about dying, and mentally and physically prepared for it, by doing whatever i can however i can to fulfill all my obligation in this world, mostly for my wife and daughter. God willing, let it be. As for me and my house, we're doing ok in downtown Nuku'alofa, home capital of the so call Friendly Island. Having said that, i guess the capital has more crime reports then being friendly. But we're doing fine, we're doing alright. My beautiful, the one and only, Makave's very own finest Pele is managing well with the pregnancy, since D-Day of June 14th is coming very close. And like i've been told its gonna be a baby girl (i hope this is no bad luck telling you guys before the birth), oh yeah i'm so excited i can't wait to hang out with my daughter, so lets just focus on the positivity of what a baby girl can be. I mean, they are like angel (right?), oh i really can't wait. Anyway, i hope im not bragging too much. Please understand, i'm just new at this Father thing. Pele my wife, use to tease me as being kauleka and sometimes she couldn't stand it from me. Like when i tend to play video game, i mean the addiction of it, it seems like i forget everything else around me. But comeon, give me break, i need some time to be on my own here. I wanna shoot some people (in the videogame only), makes me relax, don't you agree? But . . . . hey! Ofcourse i still get to tu'u the vaimafana and doing the laundry, it's not like i'm just being wasted the whole time. But like i said, she is Makave's finest, and so looking forward to visiting the in-laws in Vava'u this Xmas, i can't imagine what they're gonna do to me for first time showing up. Oh boy. Ok, well work is fine. Thankfully getting me bread for the family. Now that i'm tired of walking around Nuku'alofa, I got this cool idea from uncle Tavo, that i'm buying myself a bicycle to ride to work and whereever my dear wife wants me to. It would be a really good excercise mo e fakamokomoko ka lahilahi, right? Alright, well i'm gonna head off now, so take care to each and everyone of you. 'Ikai ha me'a 'e ma'u mei Nalofa ka ko e lotu pe mo e hufaki, kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa. Peace out yo'll. Ofa lahi atu Hikosi'i & family

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