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Two Photos You May Wanna Hold On To

Hello family. All thanks to your faithful servant Hiko jr, I'm able to share these two photos with you (right click and then copy).

PHOTO ABOVE: The three standing in front from left is Lupe, Lua and Laupoini (Alex). Standing at the back from right is 'Ekuasi, Maliana, Clare, Lotiola, Vise, Vake, and Fatai holding Visilia. The fact that the next in line (Tevita) is nowhere to be seen may mean that this photo was taken around 1958 since Tevita was born the following year - well before any of the girls got married. I have no idea where this was. The trees in the background may suggest then neighbour 'Anatolo but am only guessing. PHOTO BELOW: Well, this is grandma Fatai in dancing costume when she was a student at Queen Salote College which would mean that this photo was taken in the late 1930's (so it's pretty old!). There's a long history behind this photo. As it used to hang at the living room in Matahau, she was teased more than once by the old man 'Ekuasi over her dress, claiming it to be somewhat immodest. I remember her being so proud of this photo, which is not surprising for one who loved and enjoyed dancing. The photo also reminds me of her Fijian roots, somehow her facial features resemble Fijian women from Lau or Cakaudrove. But on the basis of this snapshot, there is no doubt in my mind as to who among her grandchildren truly takes after her: it's Mele Diana Kaufusi. Do take care wherever you are and 'ofa atu to you and yours!

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