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Rea Family Journeys

Malo e mo'ui famili Seini, Clare, Mele & myself had a great two week holiday in Tonga in July visiting all our families. Our visit coincided with the royal wedding, the Heilala Festival and all the fuss about the first vote of no confidence to be tabled against the government in the Tongan parliament. It was great to be in Tonga at the same time as our Bundaberg family - Tita, Kuti, Nesi, Mele Diana & Taniela si'i. You can imagine the laughter when Tita and Seini got toegther.

It was special to have time with Maliana, Lotiola, Sr Clare & all the family in Matahau - the capital of Tonga!!

Among other highlights for us was attending the FIrst Sunday celebration of the royal wedding, a day at Pangaimotu, spotting whales while in Eua, getting lost in the bush in 'Eua and a great evening out with all our Matahau family at LIku'alofa resort. As you can see from an ealier posting Clare & Mele have continued on with their next adventure to South America where if all goes to plan thjey will meet up with Napa in their last week before returning home to work and saving up for their next adventure.

'll select some pictures to upload but I think Mele or Clare may have most of the best pictures on their camera or laptops.

'Ofa lahi atu Uncle Toni

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