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More News from Kiwiland

Gday family!!!

its mele here again hehe. well here i am back in New Zealand after an awesome adventure with my sister Clare to South America. Spending some time with the family before heading back to Australia to start work again.

Since i have been back, we have been celebrating some birthdays!!! Ysabella who turned two on the 15th and yes of course ME turning the big 21!!! hehehehe

And yesterday, we had a nice family bbq at home with our cousins Etuate and the kids, Vaisoa, Micheal and his little family and Peter with his daugther Paula. Its been ages since we've caught up with these guys so it was really good to see them all.

So being back home has been great, catching up with family and stuff.

anyways thats my little bit of news from this side of the world. hope you all are well.

ofa atu

i have posted some pictures up as well

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