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Last Leg of the Journey for 2012

Greetings to you from the Old Capital of Fiji! It's been a while since I posted an entry from this corner. However, I'm always grateful to those of you who continue to maintain the correspondence and networking. It's exams time here at school and of course around the region. The timetable of the exams has been given to the two power houses of prayer in the family: Maliana from home and the Rosary Team from Aotearoa! If ever we don't achieve our targets we can always put the blame on them!!!

You may have heard of the recent Tour of 'Apifo'ou College and the Marists' Club to Suva to be part of the 75th Anniversary of Marist Brothers High Sch. 'Analena of course accompanied the teams plus a few other males staff. Fortunately, the Parish Priest of St.Agnes and his parishioners played host to the touring party.

Perhaps Fr.Hiko will let you know in due course but he has been appointed Regional Superior of the Solomons. It's great to see the trust vested on him by our superiors to be superior of Samoa and now the Solomons. In my view, those of us who have been to that part of the region will do a second or even third tour to those countries.

As for myself, my superiors have re-appointed me to continue on here for another Term until 2016! Obedience is one of our key vows so I've graciously accepted it.

On the national level we're still in high morale after the win in the inaugural 7's Tournament in Aistralia! We're sending almost a new line-up team to the Dubai sevens. That is all for now so from us all in Fiji and we say Ni sa moce!

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