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When Khloe & Pele Kaufusi Came to Visit

Malo e lelei famili. Last weekend 'Atu, Bree and the kids (Pele and Khloe) flew over from London for a visit. It was nice to have had them here even for only a few days. Even the weather behaved! Here are some pictures for you: Herfst Kriebels is 'Autumn Tickling' - some oudoor fun and games for kids which Khloe and Pele seem to enjoy!

Trying out a typically Flemish vegetable called Witloof. Pele & Khloe seem to like it or were they just so hungry?

Some outdoor fun for kids - unfortunately we arrived rather late when all the actions were winding down.

You may recognize from left Bree, 'Atu and Kara with Pele in front - all trying to figure out what Khloe is up to.

Khloe and Pele with dad trying to steal the show. Fallen leaves means Autumn here and therefore not very warm.

No, Pele is not posing somewhere in Matahau! We visited an outdoor museum whose purpose is to depict life as it was here in Flanders in medieval times (11th-15th century). But the pigsty reminds of Matahau no doubt.

Watching in the cold some performance for kids. Unfortunately for Khloe and Pele, it was all in Flemish.

I still miss little Khloe. Only God knows what she was up to but she was definitely onto something here with me.

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