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Still in Fiji and Waiting

Greetings to you all. Indeed it has been a long time. Thank you Napa for reminding us all of the need to keep-in-touch. well, fit and bored. I came here on the 5th Jan and still waiting for my visa to the Solomon. They grant me a working permit already but said I have to wait for a permit to reside! ofi mai a Tisema. Anyway, there are things that are beyond one's control. In the meantime I am in Suva now, resting and having a very long holiday. I went to the island of Ovalau and spent two weeks with Ekuasi. Thinking of going back for the Holy Week but 'Unaloto asked me to help him out for masses. I opted to stay with Una because his 'green baskets' are bigger. Better be. Una was sick and went to visit him. he is well now. Felisiano is here too working in their formation hoiuse. He always rang up for tennis and i always look forward because we alwaays end up in the restaurant for dinner. God is so good. Recently i had a thorough medical test which includes a stress test of my heart since the operation in 2007. My heart is good and am very happy with the result of other tests. So Im healthy for nothing. Im hoping to get my visa soon. In the Taumua Lelei, the Tongan Catholic newspaper, they talked aboout the work of Fr. Jonathan Hurrell, a Tongan priest stationed in Hawaii but work in his main office in California. The paper stated: "Fr. Jonathan lives in Hawaii but travels by car everyday to California to work." lol We all need to know our geogrpahy eh. As we begin this holy week may we enter more deeply into it so that we may all have a deeper understaning of the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord for us. 'Ofa atu kiate kimoutolu hono kotoa pea ke tau fehufaki'aki ma'u aipe. Hiko sm.

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